Improved Thermal Performance

Eliminate thermal bridges by wrapping the external façade in insulation. By insulating the outside walls, they retain their thermal inertia and the insulation works twofold: in the winter as a heat insulator to prevent valuable heat loss, and in the summer as thermal barrier to prevent overheating. This creates a very pleasant and stable indoor temperature, regardless of the season.



  • Up to €8,000 Grant Available
  • Outstanding Price / Quality Ratio
  • High Durability
  • Flexible System
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Countless Finish Options
  • For New and Renovated Constructions

Healthy environment

A warmer, healthier environment

Thanks to this vapour-permeability, the moisture that is stored in the internal walls can be discharged without problems to the outside through evaporation. This reduces the risk of condensation and mould to a minimum. Besides the general insulating effect of wall insulation, it also protects the facade against big temperature changes and guarantees water tightness.

insulation Board
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External Wall Insulation Board

The Xtratherm EPS 100 Insulation boards consist of rigid polystyrene boards cut from moulded blocks of grey graphite enhanced EPS.


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