External Wrap

Apply insulation by wrapping the external facade and enjoy a warmer, more energy efficient home — and significantly lower heating bills.


Up to €8,000 SEAI grant available.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Fill the cavity of you external walls with EPS bonded bead to significantly reduce thermal transmittance — ensuring your home stays warmer for longer.


Up to €1,700 SEAI grant available.

Attic Insulation

Energlaze offers a choice between high-performance mineral wool roll-out insulation or open cell spray foam insulation — both offer excellent thermal performance.


Up to €1,500 SEAI grant available.

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The Perfect Insulation Solution For Your Home

With the latest in insulation technology it is now easier than ever to upgrade to a warmer, more energy efficient home — while also cutting heating costs and reducing your carbon footprint.


And not only will you significantly reduce your heating bills but you can also avail of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) grant of up to €8,000 for upgrading your home’s insulation.


Committed to energy conservation

For over seven years, EnerGlaze has been dramatically improving the warmth and comfort of Irish homes by retrofitting new Low-E-Plus2™ heat-retaining window glass into households throughout the country.


EnerGlaze now offers the very latest in market-leading Insulation technology – so our customers can save even more money on heating bills, enjoy a warmer home and reduce their carbon footprint.

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